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Super-Fast, Reliable and Secure Cloud Hosting
Enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting while we manage all of the technical aspects of your hosting
HOSTED by Borelli
"Our website loads so quickly since we switched our website to Borelli Hosting"
Rebecca Miller
Accounting & Business
"Thank GOD I never have to worry about updating WordPress or plugins again!"
Chris Weber
Tree Service & Lawn Care
"This truly is worry-free hosting. I'm so glad you guys take care of everything for me."
Alicia Carden
Restaurant Owner
Fully Managed Hosting
Imagine you never have to deal with cPanel, FTPs, backups, security, or server-side upgrades.
Unlike other hosting companies, who leave all of the infrastructure setup and management to you, our Fully Managed Hosting offers you a hands-free, reliable, and secure hosting solution.

We will manage the server network for you, so you don’t have to be a tech-genius or hire your own server administrator to use our hosting.
Regular WordPress Updates
We'll manage all of your WordPress core and plugin updates each month.
Regular updates to WordPress core software and all plugins will keep your website secure from spam and hackers. And most hosting companies will leave you on your own, making it your responsibility to keep WordPress up-to-date.

But updating WordPress and WP Plugins yourself can often lead to errors, like the infamous "White Screen of Death" causing your website to go down until you can fix it.

With HOSTED by Borelli, we perform regular maintenance on your site to ensure that you are running all the latest stable versions of WordPress and all plugins, making your software maintenance care-free.
fast and reliable
What Does Cheap Hosting Really Cost You??
You can’t afford to lose potential customers because of cheap, unreliable, and insecure shared hosting.
If you’re running any type of advertising, sending traffic to your website, you could be wasting $100’s or $1,000’s in ad dollars when your website is down…not to mention the missed opportunity costs!

Is it really worth it to save a few bucks each month by choosing cheap hosting??

Our clients expect reliable, secure hosting, and the piece-of-mind that their website won’t be the weakest link in their marketing/advertising campaigns.
Security & Backup Plans
We'll manage your website security, perform routine security scans, and create regular backups of your website.
Keeping your website secure from spam, hackers and DDoS attacks is one of our main priorities. With HOSTED by Borelli your website is secured with spam and virus protection software, additional levels of login security, DDoS prevention and blocking software, and by providing regular software updates.

With our backup and data retention practices, you’ll never lose your website again! We create daily backups of your website and we keep 7 days worth of backup reserves to ensure your information is NEVER lost!
fast and reliable
Hosted by borelli
*Billed annually
  • ONE (1) website with WP installed
  • Up to 25k monthly visitors
  • Automated backups and offsite storage
  • Super-fast cloud hosting speeds
  • SSL upgrade for additional $99/yr
Hosted PRO by borelli
*Billed annually
  • TWO (2) website with WP installed
  • Up to 25k monthly visitors per site
  • Automated backups and offsite storage
  • Super-fast cloud hosting speeds
  • FREE SSL certificated for each site

Need more than just hosting for your WordPress site? We can provide custom hosting for:
  • WordPress Multisite Installs
  • SaaS website software
  • Mobile Apps
*call or email for a custom price quote
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